5 Simple Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

Doing tricks on the trampoline is actually fun. As long as every safety measure is in place and that you are given the go signal for it, then you should consider practicing some trampoline tricks. There are a number of tricks that can be done on top of the trampoline mat and it is not just the somersault. You should learn them from scratch and practice them a lot so that you can execute them without failing. Here are some of the beginner tricks that one can practice on the trampoline.

Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

Trick #1: The Tuck Jump

It is imperative for a beginner to learn the most important basic move on the trampoline – the tuck jump. When it comes to the tuck jump, there are several things that you have to keep in mind. First, you have to tuck up hard enough, long enough, and fast enough to land on the trampoline properly. You have to do that so that you can get the appropriate rotation necessary for the other jump styles you plan to do. The tuck jump requires you to jump, then bring the knees to the chest and grab the knees with your hands.

Trick #2: The Straddle Jump

This is one of the trampoline jumps that will allow you to get balance as well as pre-determine what your later moves will be. The straddle jump requires you to keep the legs in a position similar to a split, only that the shape is like a triangle without the bottom or a mountain. You will then go in between the straddle position in fists, along with the hands and arms stretched as far as possible.

Trick #3: The Pike Jump

The pike jump is another trampoline jump with a similar purpose as the straddle jump. It gives you the chance to get balance. It is also meant to help you pre-determine your later moves. In this jump, instead of the legs in an almost-split position, you will have the body form an L-shape, the legs raised up horizontally. Your arms should be placed in front of you, your palm curled in a fist.

Trick #4: Half-Twist and Full-Twist Jump

It is also a given for you to learn how to do the half-twist and full-twist jumps. You will have to do them as your late twists. You should also avoid using your arms or twisting from the mat. The full turn is when you spin right in the air. You can even aim to have double turns. These half-twist and full-twist jumps can definitely help you later when you plan to learn more advanced trampoline tricks.

Trick #5: Seat Drops

With this particular trick, you do not need much balance. You just need to get as much as three bounces. After that, you will simply drop into your sitting position, ensuring that the toes are pointed and in front of you. The back should remain as straight as possible. By learning the seat drops, you will learn how to get the hips up as well as how you can twist in and out of your moves.

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