Slendertone Reviews: Is This The Answer?

I have read a lot of Slendertone reviews and it sounds like a great product that I would really like to try!  It seems like all you do is just strap the belt around your midsection while you go about your daily routines, and after a few weeks, your stomach starts to look flatter, firmer and more toned.  I am wondering how in the world something can be so easy, yet all the before and after pictures I have seen look absolutely amazing!  This product seems like it would really work, as I have read a lot about the science behind it.  I have read that the belt does not burn any calories or fat, and that the purpose is simple to strengthen your abs.  

My abdominal muscles could definitely use some strengthening!  The Slendertone reviews  such as those on do mention that the product does not work alone, and that you should combine it with an appropriate diet and exercise program. That is something I am already doing, so I think a Slendertone would just give me a nice little boost to help flatten my abs, and make my stomach look flatter. I most definitely plan on trying the product.  Look out abs!

How to Get into the Friend Zone

If you ever find yourself in the friend zone with a girl you like, you must have done something wrong. That's because when you met her, you acted in a way only a friend would act towards her. And the worst thing about the friend zone is, that once you are in it, it's almost impossible to get out. That's why the best solution is to avoid falling into it completely.

So if you want to avoid the dreaded friend zone with the girl you like, you have to know about the things you are doing wrong. And trust me, a guy who always falls into the friend zone with girls, is doing very specific things wrong that turn him from a potential mate to a "just a friend". That's why you need to know what's the one very important thing, that gets you into the friend zone all the time.

The most common thing guys do is to befriend a girl instead of showing her that they like her. They don't want to risk with rejection and therefore think that befriending her is a better option than letting her know from the get go. But actually this is a much worse option because at least guys who risk with getting rejected can move on, but guys who don't do it stay in the friend zone indefinitely with the hopes of somehow getting out of it.

For this exact reason, every man has to take a risk and face the fact that letting a girl know how they feel about her, is the only option. That's because even if they don't stay friends with the girl they like, at least they won't have to suffer through all the things men have to face when they are in the friend zone.

If you don't want to get stuck in the friend zone, you need to tell a girl how you feel about her. This is just a risk you have to take, otherwise you will start meeting all her boyfriends. And that's not a thing you want to do!