Quality and Efficient Cut – Push lawn mower 2016

The Unit features a cutting deck with a width of 20 inches. This means that the unit happens to offer a wider cut reach. This means that users can easily cover a larger and wider area at a much shorter time. This can help reduce the length of time that you will need to get these parts of the lawn covered. The blade offers a dual arrangement of ten inches. This is quite helpful towards ensuring that there is going to be an improved efficiency and quality on the manner which the unit cuts.

Smart Cut Technology

GreenWorks offer the Smart Cut technology which is quote helpful in ensuring that the runtime and the power are successfully managed depending on the actual thickness of the grass. The equipment also happens to offer a dual capability. This means that the user will have the choice to either use the grass clippings to be mulched or they can be bagged and then be sent to compost as well. The unit also features six points of height adjustment. This means that one can opt for a lower or a higher cut depending on the length of the grass that need trimming in their lawns. Adjusting the height is quite easy to perform as well with only a single lever used to get the adjustments done.

This is one lawn mower that really challenges the traditional design and the look of what is currently offered in the market. It has done quite well despite deviating from the usual features that these units tend to possess though. Hence, it is not really a surprise to see the unit being highly rated by a number of users these days. More details on the products are available at http://lawnmowerexperts.com/black-decker-cm1836-cordless-electric-lawn-mower-review/.

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