Slendertone Reviews: Is This The Answer?

I have read a lot of Slendertone reviews and it sounds like a great product that I would really like to try!  It seems like all you do is just strap the belt around your midsection while you go about your daily routines, and after a few weeks, your stomach starts to look flatter, firmer and more toned.  I am wondering how in the world something can be so easy, yet all the before and after pictures I have seen look absolutely amazing!  This product seems like it would really work, as I have read a lot about the science behind it.  I have read that the belt does not burn any calories or fat, and that the purpose is simple to strengthen your abs.  

My abdominal muscles could definitely use some strengthening!  The Slendertone reviews  such as those on do mention that the product does not work alone, and that you should combine it with an appropriate diet and exercise program. That is something I am already doing, so I think a Slendertone would just give me a nice little boost to help flatten my abs, and make my stomach look flatter. I most definitely plan on trying the product.  Look out abs!

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