The Pros of a Pack and Play

Yes, the pack and play might have some cons but still a lot of people like to choose it because of its pros. Some of the pros are its convenience and portability. If one does the instructions well, they can set up the product in less than a minute. Also, its can easily be brought anywhere and can fit in any of the standard carry-on when it comes to traveling. Also, it has a certification from Green guard Gold which means that it does not contain any PVC, lead content, flame retardants or phthalates. Also, it is good for the child since it is breathable even if you zip the product. Zippering the play yard can ensure safety for the child and can also contribute to the child’s comfortable sleep.

pack n' play

It also has a clear view feature wherein the parent can easily see the child from the inside. Its slide doors will also entertain the child and is also a very convenient exit and entry to the area. The play yard can also be cleaned easily since it is stain-resistant. This means one can easily wipe any stain that might dirt the product. All in all, this product can easily be used inside the house or outside when disgavelling to keep your babies entertained and safe. It also comes with a very unique design which gives it an aesthetic appearance even when viewed in different angles. So if you are looking for a play yard, make sure you choose Lotus’ Travel Crib and Portable Baby Play yard.

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